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What Is Agility and What Makes an Organization Agile?

CEOs and other executives have plenty to keep them up at night: the possibility of shifting economic cycles (i.e., recession), trade concerns, cyber security, acquiring and keeping top talent, adapting to changing customer preferences, regulatory influences on their business, and more.

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What an Aircraft Carrier Can Teach Corporate Leaders

Scholars often cite naval aircraft carriers as prototypical examples of “high-reliability” organizations. Such organizations, they suggest, are able to engage daily with risky technologies in a remarkably safe manner because of the ways in which people interact, communicate, and adhere to common principles.

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Bullying of Lesbians & Bisexuals in the Workplace

Bullying of lesbians and bisexuals in the workplace is common, and to date has not been well addressed by organizational psychology and/or human resources. Indigo Anchor’s Tracy Porter Ph.D. recently executed a study with Patricia Meglich, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR and Nancy E. Day, Ph.D. which is relevant to the LGBTQ community's challenges in the workplace.

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