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About Indigo Anchor

We can take your team to the next level and equip them to keep climbing

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The Indigo Anchor Story

On a cold smoky night in early February 2013, Ben Baran trudged through the ice and slushy mud across his base in Kabul, Afghanistan to attend a free guitar lesson from Chris Everett who offered his services pro-bono every week to an international cohort of military men and women. It turned out that making music with guitars and being on the same base in Afghanistan weren't the only commonalities between them. They quickly learned that they shared a passion for using their smarts to help organizations get better and faster. Their shared appreciation for the science and art of business excellence and guitars solidified a friendship and professional relationship which lives on with Indigo Anchor.

Fast forwarding to 2018, Ben introduced Chris to entrepreneur and consultant Kelsey Pytlik, who joined the team.  Also in 2018, Emma Everett, a sales and marketing consultant, joined as well.  Every member of the Indigo Anchor team has unique areas of expertise, a shared set of core values, and a passion for improving organizations.


The Indigo Anchor Framework™

Indigo Anchor has found that companies benefit greatly from a hands-on approach toward transforming--and accelerating--their product development and innovation combined with complementary support to the executive team and supporting functions. Organizations have a tremendous amount of efficiency to be gained and creative energy to be unleashed through the principles of agile, scrum, and related methods. Indigo Anchor clients find they are moving faster, becoming more innovative, and reaching goals more easily as a direct result from a tailored boots-on-the-ground engagement. Learn more.


The Indigo Anchor Name

Indigo Anchor’s founding team sought a name that was unique, that signaled their passion for innovation and creativity, and simultaneously communicated the stability and confidence that well-built organizations provide. 

Indigo is a prized color with a rich history, a widely sought-after dye used by civilizations around the world for centuries. It is often associated with creativity, and for Indigo Anchor, it serves as a metaphor for what all organizations seek--the ability to pioneer, to find ways to do things better. 

Anchors are compelling--they provide an independent way for ships to stabilize themselves, and when properly placed, they keep the ship from moving into danger. Similarly, organizations must have points of stability, ways in which they can maintain a sense of direction and order despite the stormy seas of their environments. 

Indigo Anchor. 


Indigo Anchor Values


Doing what we say and staying true to what we believe is the foundation of how we operate. This means we are transparent with each other and with our clients. It means we are intellectually honest; we critically analyze ourselves and the situations our clients face. We recognize that organizations often do not benefit from faddish "silver bullets." Rather, building better employees, leaders, and organizations best occurs through the consistent application of tried-and-true principles and smart experimentation over time. 


The world of work continues to evolve, so the best leaders and organizations continually learn and innovate. We do not think change should happen simply for the sake of change. But the creation of original and useful processes, services, or products is what keeps organizations moving forward relative to their competitors. And this is not only a value that we encourage through our work with clients; we practice what we preach through consistently scanning for better ways to operate internally and better ways to promote our clients' success. 

Meaningful work

Work is a big part of life, and life is short. And the satisfaction we have with our work influences both our personal well-being and the satisfaction we have with our lives overall. As such, it is hard to overestimate the value of doing work that has deep meaning and motives that are purpose-driven. We see what we do for our clients as highly meaningful--we take their successes (and failures) very personally. We also know from research and experience that organizations work better when people can connect their work to something significant beyond themselves.    

happiness & humor

From shared meaning and purpose, happiness and high-quality relationships emerge. We care about each other. We treat each other and our clients with empathy, seeking first to understand and then to help. We know that work and life can be stressful. And we know that being there for each other and our clients as a means of both direct and indirect support can make a big difference. Camaraderie and laughter--when combined with mutual striving toward difficult goals--are key elements of high-performing teams. 

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