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Next Practices

Uncovering great ideas


When organizations need help, they tend to turn to consultants or experienced hires for technical expertise.  Employees often feel that after rising through the ranks at various companies that their problem solving tool set is complete.  The approach is “With the help of technical experts, I can solve anything!”  Organizations that take this approach and still get “stuck” tend to blame market circumstances, lack of leadership, wrong people, and a whole host of other issues.

That’s where we come in.  We teach and coach the newest researched-based tools that ground-breaking organizations are using to transform and succeed.  These organizations are turning the seemingly insurmountable people, process, and tools problems into transformative growth.

How we do it


At Indigo Anchor, we focus on next practices as a key offering.  These practices go beyond the status quo of best practice, which will only put you on par with similar competitors.  We build game-changing capability within your organization that is transforming people's lives and the effectiveness of your teams.  We find that many executives wonder:

  • How do we get more traction out of our meetings? 
  • How do we maximize the precious people talent that we've been able to hire and retain? 
  • How do we reduce confusion, get information out there and communicated?
  • How do we align our entire organization?

This is the realm of next practice. It comprises finding new market opportunities, developing new products, accelerating research and development, refining engineering efforts, improving cross-functional communication and alignment, synchronizing supply chains with the rest of the organization, aligning sales with delivery, optimizing internal functions and operations, and transforming the way executives develop and ensure execution of strategy.

The way we execute next practice is taking a participatory and coaching approach.  We don’t just teach the tools that executives and employees can use immediately to start improving the functioning of their organization--we get in the ring with them, providing support every step of the way.  

With our scientific advisory board, we take the latest data-driven research, apply it to your situation, and make it fun and easy to implement.  We rejoice with companies as we watch them achieve the gains that have been elusive to companies through traditional cost-cutting and process Improvement initiatives. 

Indigo Anchor is about transforming people's lives through the way they work and that's why next practice is a key component of what we do.



    • Next practice workshops
    • Problem solving sprints
    • Coaching
    • Co-development solution building
    • Implementation intensives
    • Organizational tools development


    • Next practice introductory workshop
    • Problem-solving sprints
    • Leadership coaching and support
    • Team coaching and support
    • Hands-on organizational development