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Diversity and Inclusion

Mapping meaningful progress

What we do

Together, we'll work to understand your organization's unique dynamics and design a diversity and inclusion strategy that hits specific goals: recruiting the best and brightest, retaining your strongest employees, and seeing tangible, measurable growth in diversity and inclusion—from best practice to best in class.


Our insight gained from working with clients across industries creates a lens through which we can assess the strength of your organization’s current diversity and inclusion initiatives. Together, we can explore what is—and what is not—working when it comes to your efforts and develop sustainable solutions for improvement.

How we do it

Assessments and analytics: Strategy is most effective when it is driven by real insights. We will gather data from your organization through tools like surveys, interviews, and focus groups to create an actionable workplace initiative that reflects your organization’s people, mission, and goals.

Training: A critical factor impacting the success of a retention-focused diversity effort is organizational support from the top down. Leadership trainings ensure that your inclusion initiative is fully supported by executives who understand and accept why it is critical for long-term success.

Strategic Planning: Long-term strategies will incorporate some of the most important aspects of developing sustainable change in your organization,  including recruiting the best and brightest talents, retaining your strongest employees, and seeing tangible, measurable growth in diversity and inclusion.

    Key Tools and processes

    • Assessments and analytics
    • Team, department, and organization-wide surveys
    • Gender diversity workshops
    • Stakeholder and manager training
    • Ally training
    • Roadmap planning
    • Ongoing support

    Our Flagship Services

    • Women's initiative audit
    • Gender diversity workshops
    • Diversity and inclusion strategy design and implementation