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Best Practices

Driving functional solutions


Organizational success is multifaceted. It combines a business’s ability to accomplish its goals while empowering and engaging its team members. Research indicates that this balance is achieved in only 20% of companies. Indigo Anchor teams with clients to merge company interests and organizational structure to optimally meet business objectives.

How we do it

Strategy: Are your competitors talking about you in their meetings? Does your strategy guide your business choices? Can every employee articulate your strategy and are they empowered to execute?  Are they aligned? Strategy is much more than a plan. It encompasses values, philosophy, and intent.  Without strategy, organizations flounder and are often confused as to why they are not reaching their goals.  The Indigo Anchor approach helps to create, clarify, and validate strategy as a central component of their offerings.

Change management: More than 70 percent of major change efforts fail. Our approach to achieving results helps clients overcome the odds. From day one, our approach focuses on predicting, measuring, and managing risk associated with change.  Organizational and cultural concerns are also examined.  We have a strong track record of driving and supporting change in a variety of contexts, from startup ventures to global enterprises.

Transformation and growth: Indigo Anchor focuses on enabling companies to achieve their full potential.  Our transformation efforts alter the financial, operational, and strategic trajectory of a business cross-functionally, in order to produce game-changing results.  With our startup and growth-focused clients, we emphasize sustainability through the business cycle and smart growth. We ensure that the business model, strategy, team, funding, and processes are aligned in order to generate an effective trajectory. One size does not fit all.  We strive to support the unique growth goals of each client.


Performance Improvement: Our winning team is a consulting partner for companies that are committed to quickly achieving and sustaining their full potential. Our clients achieve high rates of return on our fees, as well as lasting margin improvements. We accomplish this by developing data-driven models designed to streamline business practices and promote new business opportunities.


    • Bench-marking analysis
    • Strategy development sessions
    • Traditional consulting engagements
    • Coaching
    • Assessments
    • Project management


    • Company, team, or function maturity assessments
    • Best practice development, execution, and support
    • Coaching